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Court Wall Systems

Armourcoat Hard Plaster

  • Installed in over 40 countries
  • An Anderson Courts North American exclusive
  • World Squash Federation Accreditation

Armourcoat is 100% gypsum based plaster system, quarried in England and formulated for high impact resistance. The total system is 1/2" thick consisting of 2 base coats and 3 finish coats. Armourcoat contains no cement based products, therefore eliminating shrinkage and stress cracking.

In addition to a traditional white plaster finish, Armourcoat offers two part epoxy paint, resulting in a uniquely colored wall finish. A benefit of the paint is that it's easy to clean and adds an additional layer of protection to the wall surface.

Armourcoat - Victoria Place,Bermuda

Edge-Grain Maple

  • Superior in strength and durability
  • Life longevity evidenced by 70+ year old courts still in play
  • An Anderson Courts North American exclusive

Shadyside Academy St.Lawrence University Maple Edge Grain

Edge-Grain maple is kiln dried North American hard maple with molded tongue and groove strips to enhance the strength of the panel. The pre-assembled panels are nailed or stapled to allow for seasonal expansion and contraction and the exposed panels are "edge-grain" (like butcher block cutting boards) providing consistent quality in play. The headwalls can withstand years of the hardest hitting players given its thickness of 2 1/4". (Sidewalls are 1 5/16" thick) The wood panels are shipped to us in 12" widths as custom for bowling alley lanes.


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Fiberesin Panel

  • Spline attachment system; horizontally and vertically
  • Can be installed as a non-permanent fixture
  • Solid doors and frames available  
  • World Squash Federation Accreditation
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Fiberesin Panel
Fiberesin Panel

Composition of Fiberesin Panel
Fort Orange Club, Albany, NY 001 Brown University, Providence, RI NYSC

Fiberesin is pre-manufactured and offers high density, thermally fused, melamine-faced composite panels. Wall panels are typically white however panels are also available in pastel blue and yellow - an Anderson Court exclusive.

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