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Court Types

International Singles

An International squash court measures 21' wide by 32' long and requires a minimum ceiling height of 18' 6" for lighting. An optimum design would allow for ceiling/lighting height of 20' as a lob ball off the front wall (15' high out of bounds height) will have less chance of hitting the ceiling and the striker losing the point.

The choice of Court Wall System will be decided based on the owner's preference and budget. Anderson Courts will guide owners on the benefits of each system and work with architects and General Contractors in areas of layout, floor transitions, lighting, colors, and overall budget costs. Specifications and details will be provided as well for Flooring and Glass Walls.

International Singles
International Singles

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Hardball Doubles

The Hardball Doubles Squash court measures 25' wide by 45' long with a minimum ceiling height of 24' (26' is optimum). There are more that 100 Doubles Squash courts in the United States and approximately 100 Doubles courts in Canada.

A Doubles team (two players - backhand and forehand) play against an opposing team using the same racquet as the Singles game.

The game of Squash Doubles is extremely popular with players over the age of 45. The demand for fitness and mobility is much less in the game of Doubles and many passionate players are competing past 70 years of age.

Hardball Doubles
Hardball Doubles

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Hardball Doubles can be very competitive and exciting to watch in all ages groups especially at the professional level. For information on the Professional Doubles circuit and tournaments, refer to

There are two World Squash Federation sanctioned games of Doubles Squash. Hardball Doubles has been the primary Doubles game in Canada and the United States for since the early 1920's.

The other game of Doubles is played on a wider International singles court with the regular softball.

Anderson Courts encourages any new squash facility to consider the installation of a Hardball Doubles court along with International Singles courts. The Hardball Doubles game has proven to extend the life of squash membership long after the players "singles" life.

Armourcoat plaster and Edge-grain Maple are the preferred Court Wall System for Hardball Doubles court installation along with Anderson Courts' Flooring and Glass Walls.

Racquetball Courts

A racquetball court measures 20' wide by 40' long with a 20' high ceiling. Anderson Courts & Sports Surfaces has been supplying and installing Fiberesin panel since 1987 without a panel replacement related to wear and play. The Fiberesin aluminum spline attachment system provides superior ball rebound play over various tongue and groove systems.

Anderson Courts will provide the stud detail for architects and general contractors. When the stud framing detail is accurately followed, Anderson Courts' crew is able to attach the Fiberesin panel both horizontally and vertically.

Racquetball Courts
Racquetball Courts

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Flooring for Racquetball Courts

Anderson Courts has slightly altered the specification of our Interflex cushioned maple floor system for a racquetball floor. The spec is firmer than a squash court floor but still provides the same air flow and preventative humidity qualities.

Glass Walls for Racquetball Courts

Standard glass back walls are 8' or 12' high, in either the 12" glass fin or post system. In addition, Anderson Courts can also fabricate your glass wall or window design as required.

Wallyball kits and Storage boxes can be supplied and installed by our crew.

Sport Rooms

Many homes design "multi-purpose" Sports Rooms for basketball, Wallyball, soccer and general recreation. Anderson Courts can supply and install the Fiberesin, cushioned floor system and flush 1/2" tempered glass if required.

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