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Ellis Pearson is recognized as the world's leading name for squash and racquetball glass court systems. With outstanding quality and a long standing safety record, Anderson Courts is pleased to be Ellis Pearson's exclusive supplier/installer in North America.

Ellis Pearson's 1/2" tempered glass is World Squash Federation accredited. A key benefit to owners is the patented side hinge system - metal free to avoid injury in finger trap hardware.


Quality Assurance

  • Glass walls to be fabricated and installed in conformity with architect's design and approved shop drawings prepared by Anderson Courts
  • All system components to be manufactured and tested by Ellis Pearson
  • Limits of wall deflection under player impact of 200lbs at 10'/second with normal coefficient of absorption of 47%:
  • Glass walls - 1 1/4" at center of impact
  • Glass door - Glass thickness plus 1/8" at impact velocity of 10 feet/second or glass thickness plus 1/2" for 15 feet/second
  • Installation and related work by Anderson Courts certified crew.


Materials and Specifications

  • Glass is 1/2" clear floated tempered with exposed edges polished and conforming to federal specifications, ANSI-Z97.1; CPSC 16 CFR 1201; ASTM C1048
  • All hardware for glass to glass connections is Hi-Tensile white and clear material with tensile strength minimum of 9,000 PSI and a durometer hardness of D80-90. (black nylon is also available). Metal fittings mounted on glass are not acceptable.
  • Doors are 7'0" tall with 2 hinges (middle hinge not acceptable). Ellis Pearson hinges return to adjacent fin or post. (side hinging to adjacent glass only is not acceptable)
  • Doors to be latched with knob set on exterior and flush pull ring on interior (positive latching system). Latch housing to be white powder coated finish. Strike and door stops to be fastened to adjacent glass or post. Key locking latches and latch keeps are also available.
  • Perimeter channels - clear anodized aluminum
  • Fin brackets are aluminum. Flush mount clear anodized aluminum cover plates are also available.
  • Joint sealant - G.E. clear or equal
  • Glass marking - Rear wall to have permanent etched white lines (1/8" wide, 24" high, 1" center). Side wall glass to have single dot pattern applied in color specified by architect or client.
Lawrenceville School
Lawrenceville School

Lawrenceville School glass post wall edit
Lawrenceville School glass post wall edit

Brown University post glass side wall
Brown University post glass side wall

The Maryland Club glass fin sidewall
The Maryland Club glass fin sidewall

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