World Squash Federation



Racquetball Court to Squash Court Conversion

Moveable Walls

Designed for existing racquetball courts, the wall rests on custom-made urethane casters specially designed to roll easily over court surfaces. The wall is supported in the vertical position while in motion by expanding steel arms with torsion bars, eliminating the need for tracks in the side walls. This unique feature reduces installation costs and retains the integrity of the playing surface or floor.



Permanent Conversion from Racquetball Courts to Squash Courts

Anderson Courts at low cost can convert racquetball courts to squash by supplying and installing a permanent half inch tempered glass wall system (20' wide x 7" height) at the 32' length.
Anderson Courts crew will:

  • Sand and re-stripe floor to conform to International squash standard
  • Install Anderson Courts powder coated 16 gauge metal telltale to headwall
  • Stripe headwall and sidewalls to mark out of bounds lines

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